During the peak holiday season, when shipping volume is highest and the potential for delivery disruptions is increased due to weather and other factors, UPS wanted to raise overall positive social sentiment for its brand.
Our solution was to use magical, inspiring, and sometimes emotional storytelling to highlight the amazing things UPS can deliver. The goal was to drive positive sentiment about the brand measured across all UPS-owned channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the UPS.com website.
The result of the 5-year run of this social and mobile focused campaign was that UPS Wishes Delivered consistently surpassed our benchmarks year-over-year to become the single most successful social campaign by UPS to date. 
Agencies: T3, Ogilvy & Mather, NEO@Ogilvy, Moxie
In-House Creative Direction & Campaign Director: Brian Pember 
In-House Art Direction & Campaign Manager: Ben Whitesell
// 2014-2018
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