As part of the in-house design team working on The Trust for Public Land’s 2020 digital annual report, I created this video animation to highlight several key achievements made by the organization over the course of the year. Prior annual reports used static graphics to display this information. However, during development of the 2020 report, I pitched the idea of making the overall webpage appear more dynamic by incorporating video animation in the mix.
The result is this 60 second video animation that is both prominently displayed in the report and also repurposed for use across our owned social channels. I adapted the existing illustration style used by TPL to turn our 2D illustrations into actual animated characters and scenes. To achieve this, I used a mix of different techniques including traditional frame-by-frame animation, character rigging and animating in Adobe After Effects, and I even used A.I. driven walking sequences using the tools in Adobe Character Animator.
In-House Creative Client: The Trust for Public Land - Marketing Group
Role: Motion Designer, Character Animator, & Video Editor 
Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator
Preliminary Illustrated Storyboard
Character Animations
Frame-by-Frame Animation Sequences
Duik Bassel + Adobe After Effects Character Rigging Sequences
Good Dog!
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